This movie is just so anxious and chaotic. Still, you will be hooked to the movie. You will feel a headache, still, you wanna know what happens next. There are multiple converstations ongoing at once making it really tough to focus. The whole cinema seems very grainy adding to the chaos and noise. Still, you will love the movie.

No idea, how the creators of this movie achieved this feat, but they do and that makes this movie a worth watch.


  • The film was inspired by the Safdie Brothers’ father’s time working as a salesman
  • Yussi is played by a real-life jeweler Maksud Agadjani
  • Leonardo Dicaprio was considered to play Howard Ratner but had scheduled conflicts in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood
  • The Safdie brothers were so insistent on shooting on 35mm film that they actually took a pay cut.


  • This is me! This is how I win.
  • Cover Image credit : Time
  • IMDb rated 7.4/10 at the time of the review

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