Happily bored. That’s my state after watching this movie. Normally I have a stronger liking for movies with great story-telling but this movie was more poem than prose.

It’s a work of art and color and how every detail is presented with patience. As the character speak calmly, this makes the movie more realistic and gives the viewer moments of intimacy and passion.

Though it’s a movie in french, you can still see this language barrier disappear as this movie is more about visual than verbal.

Highly recommended, but to be watched with a fresh mind and be okay to be bored for a while.


  • The film was shot in 8k. Céline Sciamma wanted to capture a large dynamic range of colors and for the film to feel contemporary, whereas 35mm felt too timeless.
  • The role of Héloïse was written with Adèle Haenel (The actress that playes the role) in mind.
  • Every time the camera focuses on a canvas, it is actually Hélène Delmaire , the original painter’s hand that the viewer sees painting


  • He chooses the memory of her. That’s why he turns. He doesn’t make the lover’s choice, but the poet’s.
  • Cover Image credit : A snap from the movie
  • IMDb rating 8.1/10 at the time of the review

Thanks for reading ❤