It tells the story of life in the slums of Rio de Janeiro, in an area known as the Cidade De Deus, the City of God.

The story is told from the narration of the young photographer. Gang wars and criminal activities are at its peak and his path collides more than often with these overlords. And we get to know them more and learn that side of the story as well. The realistic portrayal of crimes and gang-war makes this movie a gem.

Many characters involved in the story are in their late teens or early adulthood and that makes a very sensitive topic to watch and feel the pain. Because all of this is real as the movie is the narration of a true story.


  • The film was not actually shot in Cidade de Deus slum, as it was too dangerous. It was shot in a neighboring, less dangerous area.
  • The last shot of the movie, where the little boy loses his slipper and comes back to pick it up, was not scripted.


  • It was the battle between the handsome good guy and the ugly bad guy.
  • Hoods don’t love, they desire
    Hoods don’t talk, they smooth-talk
    Hoods don’t stop, they take a break

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