The story of this movie is relatively simple. A story of a sibling who have now moved to a different country, but revisit their country of origin years later.

Apart from great cinematography, this movie also had a unique story telling style with context switched between past and present. But what makes this story so great and suggested all across by many moviebuffs, I am not gonnna tell that either. You have to experience it for yourself. But apart from that thing, this itself is a great movie experience.

Movie is supposed to be this right. A story being shared to the world that we can know about, maybe feel sorry for, and act in some way to make the world a better place. And this movie surely tells a great story.


  • In many countries, the title translates to “Incendies - The Woman who Sings”.
  • This film is in the Official Top 250 Narrative Feature Films on Letterboxd.


  • Death is never the end of the story. It always leaves tracks.
  • For the problems will be of mind-boggling complexity. Welcome to pure mathematics, and the realm of solitude.

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