Inspired by interstellar, this movie has a theme that love as force can break the rules on science.

Trying to keep the spoiler at the lowest, the basis of this movie is that there are 2 teenagers who get connected through a weird way of communication and through this get to know each other. More like a sci-fi version of a Long-distance relationship.

The story is great with an excellent background score and cinematography. Though an animation in Japanese, it never feels like a barrier in the movie experience and will actually tell you a lot about both rural and ritual based side, & urban fast-paced side of Japan.


  • Mitsuha’s name means “three leaves” and follows a family trait. Her grandmother, Hitoha, is “one leaf,” her mother, Futaba, is “two leaves,” and her little sister, Yotsuha, is “four leaves.”
  • Kuchikamizake quite appropriately means mouth-chewed sake in Japanese.


  • Nothing more, nothing less… ..than a beautiful view.
  • Treasure the experience. Dreams fade away after you wake up.

Thanks for reading ❤