This movie is so lively. The main protagonist is a very lively person. It is an outstanding balance of hysterical comedy and serious drama, and maybe one of the most unique film in existence. Many scenes of this movie are unforgettable.

This movie is of genre history-fiction, and based on Italy during 1940s and 50s. This movie is heartwarming as well as heartbreaking. It shows how humanity stays strong even in the worst time. It is tribute to the power of imaginations and love in most difficult circumstances. This movie is requested to be watched in its original language, Italian.


  • This movie’s leading casts are also couples in real life.
  • Robert Benigni who directed this film, was the protagonist in the movie.
  • He won Oscar for Best Actor and Best Foreign Film, and nominations for Best Director and Best Picture.


  • What kind of place is this? It’s beautiful. Pigeons fly, women fall from the sky. I’m moving here.
  • Good morning, Princess!
  • Cover Image credit : Miramax
  • IMDb rank 21 at the time of the review

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P.s I have kept review of this movie very vague, to not disclose any on the storyline. Story is really great but will be better experienced in form of the movie. I don’t wanna ruin any of that fun.