This movie is adapted from a book of the same name and it really does justice to the book. Everything about this movie is just great. The best thing if I have to pick one is acting of Hannibal Lecter. It is really scary. The coldness you observe in every dialogue of Lecter wants you to revisit the film multiple times.

The story follows our protagonist who seeks help of Lecter, whose insights might help her in a case. Lecter agrees to offer clues in exchange of her personal information. There are multiple plots and story-line once the investigation continues.


  • With just twenty-four minutes and fifty-two seconds of screen time, Sir Anthony Hopkins won an Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role
  • Academy Awards in all the top five categories: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Adapted Screenplay.
  • First (and so far only) Best Picture winner widely considered to be a horror film


  • “Have the lambs stopped screaming?”
  • “I’m having an old friend for dinner.”

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