The titles tells you half of the story, and the remaining is that a simple free man, not Morgan 😛, gets kidnapped and sold as a slave. Again from the name, it’s his narration of 12 years in hell.

Based of true story, and adapted from the memoirs of the protagonist himself, this movie touches with the portrayal and the hardships faced by the slaves in pre civil war America. This movie features some of the best actors and actresses.

This movie is a must watch for people who love history movies and is rated R for violence and cruelty.


  • The Best Picture win made McQueen the first black British producer to ever receive the award and the first black British director of a Best Picture winner.
  • Feature film debut for actress Lupita Nyong’o. She went on to win the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for the film.
  • The film cast includes eight oscar nominees


  • “I don’t want to survive. I want to live.”
  • “I apologize for my appearance. But I have had a difficult time these past several years.”
  • “You black bastard. You… goddamn… black bastard. Strip your clothes.”
  • Cover Image credit : BFI
  • IMDb rank 202 at the time of the review

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