This movie is a piece of art. The way it is designed, the whole storyline, you will take an hour to comprehend what just happened in the movie. Needs complete attention. A guy trying to figure out his past as he suffers from a medical condition. Story unfolds slowly. Keeps viewers on toes.

The editing and story telling technique is what takes this movie from just another movie, to “once in a lifetime” experience. Classic case of confused protagonist. Two storyline runs in parallel, one in b&w while other in colour, just helps you keep track and appreciate the style.


  • Directed by Christopher Nolan
  • Based on a short story Memento Mori by Jonathan Nolan


  • “Oh, I’m chasing this guy. No… he’s chasing me.”
  • “You don’t want the truth. You make up your own truth.”
  • “Now… where was I?”

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