A movie with a clear aim to tell a story. A story that is real and a story that is deserved to be heard. A story that is actually very similar to the real life experiences of the actors involved in the movie. And when you are telling your own story, you tell it so fucking well.

A small child sharing the issue he has faced being born in a poor household in a country where income disparity is the worst. They live as bugs in the city and the mental state of these people are so so disheartening. But all this makes the movie so true to its purpose, sharing a story


  • The title, Capernaum, can mean ‘chaos’ in Arabic.
  • All actors in Capernaum are people whose real life resembles that of the film. The boy who stars as Zain is actually a Syrian refugee
  • Rahil’s toddler son whom Zain cared for actually was played by a girl


  • Your words pierce my heart. I no longer want to see you. You’re heartless
  • Life is a bitch.I thought we’d become good people, loved by all. But God doesn’t want that for us.
  • Cover Image credit : Indiewire
  • IMDb rated 8.4 at the time of the review

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