Based on the real scenario of farmer suicides in india, this mockumentary add a political twists to the tragic tale. That makes this movie close to a dark comedy.

A farmer family has lost their land and now their only option for survival of their younglings is to commit suicide. Government schemes will provide some money after their death and will cover up for the kids. The movie gets more complicated as media gets involved milking the publicity of this story and also in some way forcing answers from the government.

Overall the movie is a must watch, showing a picturesque of rural india and the third world issues we face.


  • Peepli Live was India’s official entry for the 83rd Academy Awards Best Foreign Film category,however it did not get nominated.
  • The film was produced by famous bollywood actor Aamir Khan.


  • The complexion of our shit is a window to the inner self.
  • There can be differences in politics … but not enmity.
  • Cover Image credit : Media India
  • IMDb rated 7.4 at the time of the review

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